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Learning has turned over a new leaf

At Pando Education, we’re committed to bringing real, lasting change to K-12 education by focusing on the one factor that’s proven to work: human beings.

Without passionate, effective educators, even the most rigorous curricula and well-planned programs are destined to fail. That’s why everything we do is in service to the teachers, administrators, and families who are growing our future leaders.



is to play a supporting role in K-12 transformation by equipping current and future educators with the knowledge and skills they need to make a lasting impact.



is to help schools become beacons of pride in their communities; epicenters of lasting social impact for the families they serve.

What is Pando?

Pando is the name of the largest—and possibly oldest—organism on earth, a massive colony of aspen trees in the midwestern United States that has survived for over one million years on its expansive system of roots.

Pando is Latin for “I spread,” and we believe this description is just as fitting for an educator’s ever-reaching impact as it is for a sprawling network of aspen roots.

Pando aspen grove at Fishlake National Forest, by J. Zapell [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Our Team

We are a collective of change-makers. Our team runs the gamut of experience in K-12 education, including current and former substitutes, paraeducators, teachers, administrators, and school board members.