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We know learning.

At Pando Education, we build learning experiences that work. From introductions to your favorite edtech tools to teacher credentialing and administration exams, we’re here to help you grow.

Our Process

Backed by science.

Designed for growth.

Cognitive Science

We bring the latest in cognitive research into our online workshops. We incorporate evidence-based retrieval strategies to make sure your new skills stick.

Design Thinking

We believe that design matters, so we’ve carefully crafted, tested, and re-crafted our workshops to ensure that we deliver an experience that honors your investment.

Systems Thinking

We deconstruct each course’s objectives from the ground up, making sure we cover everything that matters—from the big ideas all the way down to the nit-picky details.

Test Prep

Computer Science

Cognitive Science

EdTech Tools

Project Management


What is Pando Education?

Pando is the name of the largest—and possibly oldest—organism on earth, a massive colony of aspen trees in the midwestern United States that has survived for over one million years on its expansive system of roots.

Pando is Latin for “I spread,” and we believe this description is just as fitting for an educator’s ever-reaching impact as it is for a sprawling network of aspen roots.


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